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About Team Alaska Ski Biathlon

Ski Biathlon has a long and storied past across the circumpolar world with the first recorded biathlon races taking place in the 1700s, in Scandinavia.

Today ski biathlon competition at the Arctic Winter Games consists of four events: interval start, mass or pursuit start, relay and a sprint event for males and females in two age categories.

A team consists of up to eight athletes and two coaches from each participating contingent. 

Note: Sports venues and location are subject to change.

How to Apply:

Interested athletes can apply for the 2020 Biathlon Ski Team by reading the documents below.

Questions?  Contact the Coaches

Amanda Del Frate

Biathlon Ski coach

Phone: 907-715-7711

Simon Gilliland

Ski Biathlon Coach

Phone: 907-538-3622